CCW Information

November 20, 2008
John M. W. Moorlach
Board Chairman
Orange County Supervisor, Second District
10 Civic Center Plaza
Santa Ana, CA 92701

Dear Supervisor Moorlach:

I am writing to correct your statement regarding my CCW Policy at the November 18th Board of Supervisor's meeting, per:

"You would not have been happy with Paul Walters. His permit policy was almost exclusively for those that were retired police officers." - 4:08:15 of the afternoon session

The CCW policy you attribute to me is actually the current, long-standing CCW policy adhered to by members of Orange County Chiefs and Sheriffs Association, one that requests the Police Chiefs refer CCW permit applications to the Sheriff, except in cases of former officers. It is only within this context that your statement above is true.

I previously conveyed to the members of the BOS and their staffs, press and editorial staff throughout the appointment process that my CCW Policy would call for legitimate background checks of applicants, proper training and would have had a good-cause standard that meets the needs of our community. I have never proposed the restrictive, newly revised, extremely limited good-cause standard as put forth by Sheriff Hutchens. The one part of the CCW policy on which the sheriff and I do agree is that permits should not be given based solely on a quid pro quo, money or contribution for a CCW. Clearly those that received a permit based solely on the political support of or personal affiliation with Sheriff Carona should have their permit revisited and possibly revoked.

My CCW policy is more open and intent- to-revoke letters would not have been sent to permit holders unless there was clear justification that their permit was obtained through nefarious means or they have violated the terms of their permit. My process would be responsive to the wishes of most County residents - that being the CCW policy have a legitimate background check, be transparent, open, consistent, ethical, and having a reasonable good-cause standard.

I request your misrepresentation of my CCW Policy be corrected at your next board meeting as it is harmful to me. Thank you for your consideration.


Paul M. Walters
Chief of Police, Santa Ana

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