Classes Offered

Listed below is our complete listing of classes. You can also choose from our class categories listed in the menu to the left.

Firearms Training Associates classes are designed to provide all the skills necessary to handle and use firearms. Our classes were established to bring high level training to law enforcement, military, and the armed citizen.

Our facilities have 4 shooting ranges, an outdoor shoot house and an indoor marking cartridge shoot house. Firearms Training Associates has the highest level of training conducted anywhere in the world. There are no courses offered anywhere else that exceed the level of training offered here.

To learn more about a class and to see its schedule, please click on its name. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us.

Class Namesort icon
Zombie Attack!!! Pistol/Shotgun Low Light Shoot
Zombie Attack!!! Pistol/Carbine Low Light Shoot
Zombie Attack!!! Improvised and Edged Weapons
Women's Self Defense
Utah, Florida, & Arizona Concealed Carry Weapons
Toy Shoot - Rifle
Toy Shoot - Pistol, Shotgun and Rifle
Toy Shoot - Pistol and Shotgun
Tactical Shotgun
Tactical Pistol, Shotgun, Carbine
Tactical Handgun
SureFire Institute - Low Light Instructor Course Level 2
Surefire Institute - Low Light Instructor Course
Shotgun Night Operations
Shotgun Home Defense
Remington 870 Armorer
Practical Medical
Pistol Night Operations
Pistol - Shotgun - Advanced Skills - Low Light Shoot
N.R.A. Instructor Course - Shotgun
N.R.A. Instructor Course - Rifle
N.R.A. Instructor Course - Pistol
Murphy's Special 3 Gun - Gunsite
Murphy's SPEC 4 Day Advanced Pistol - Gunsite
Mossberg Shotgun Armorer
M16 Armorer Course
Long Range Rifle
Live Fire Entry
Ladies Pistol and Self Defense
J. Stafford Krav Maga
J. Stafford Executive Personal Defense
Gunsite - SureFire - Advanced 40 Hour Instructor Course
Gunsite - Carbine 223
Gunsite - 260
Glock Armorer Course
General Shotgun
General Rifle
General Handgun
General Carbine
Disaster Preparedness
CCW Nevada Concealed Carry Weapon Course
CCW Low Light Shoot
CCW California Concealed Carry Weapon Renewal Course
CCW California Concealed Carry Weapon Course
Carbine Night Operations
California Guard Card - Powers To Arrest
California Exposed Firearm Permit - Open Carry
California Baton Permit and Chemical Irritant
Basic Recreational Handgun Safety
Advanced Shotgun
Advanced Scenarios
Advanced Pistol, Carbine & Scenarios
Advanced Pistol - Low Light & Night Shooting
Advanced Long Range Rifle
Advanced Live Fire Entry
Advanced Carbine
Advanced 1911 Reliability
1911 A1 Armorer