We have found that our strength comes from our versatility.

FTA provides training to people from all walks of life. Most schools have qualified instructors; however, our proactive and humble teaching style is geared toward the individual student's needs and desires and has made us the most favored school in Southern California.

FTA is comprised of instructors with FBI, NRA, H&K, Glock, and range master certifications and State of California teaching credentials.

Bill Murphy  + Police Officer, 31 Years, Retired
+ S.W.A.T.
+ Police Academy Firearms Instructor
+ U.S. Air Force Instructor at Pararescue Advanced Weapons Training Center
+ Range Master
+ N.R.A. / F.B.I Certified Firearms Instructor
+ Author: The Concealed Carry Survival Guide
Cheryl Murphy  + State of California Lifetime Teaching Credential
+ Police Academy Firearms Instuctor
+ Police Officer, 30 Years, Retired
+ F.B.I. Certified Instructor
Jeremy Stafford  Jeremy is currently a police officer with over 11 years experience and has spent 13.5 years in the Marine Corps and the Marine Corps Reserve. During his law enforcement career he has worked in patrol, narcotics, field training, has served as a firearms instructor at the Police Academy, and is currently assigned to a specialized unit within the Counter Terrorism Bureau. Throughout his service in the Corps, Jeremy has been deployed all over the world in support of the Global War on Terror. While on a combat tour in Iraq, he earned a Bronze Star with a Combat "V" for valor.

Jeremy also brings to FTA his extensive background in Judo, Wrestling, the Marine Corps Martial Arts Program, and Police Defensive Tactics. He has been training in Krav Maga for over 8 years and is a certified expert level instructor and is currently the Lead Instructor at Simi Valley Krav Maga.

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FTA Instructor Team  The rest of our instructor team has spent -- or spends -- much of their time training civilians/private citizens, police academy students, members of police specialized units, and U.S. Military Special Operations units. Many of the instructors are sworn law enforcement officers and/or are current, or former, members of the military.