End of the Year Specials

Hi Everyone,

I just wanted to take a quick moment to inform everyone that we have opened the annual end of the year specials. Our two specials are the 2012 Club Membership and the End of the Year 5 Class Discount.

Year Long Training 2012 Club Membership

Enjoy Unlimited Training Courses Throughout 2011 For $1400*

As most of you know, the 2012 Club is first come, first serve. THERE ARE A LIMITED NUMBER OF MEMBERSHIPS AVAILABLE. The last day to enroll is January 14, however it will fill up before then so don’t wait!!!

Included Courses in the 2012 Club:
General Handgun
Ladies Pistol and Self Defense
Advanced Pistol - Low Light & Night Shooting
Pistol Night Operations
Tactical Handgun
CCW Night Shoot
General Shotgun
Advanced Shotgun
Tactical Shotgun
Shotgun Night Operations
Carbine Night Operations
General Carbine
Advanced Carbine
Live Fire Entry*
Advanced Live Fire Entry*
*NEW* Tactical Pistol/Shotgun/Carbine
Impact Weapons
J. Stafford Executive Personal Defense
J. Stafford Krav Maga
Pistol - Shotgun - Advanced Skills - Night Shoot
*NEW* Mossberg Shotgun Armorer
Remington 870 Armorer
Zombie Attack!!! Pistol / Carbine Night Shoot
Zombie Attack!!! Pistol / Shotgun Night Shoot
General Rifle
*NEW* Advanced Tactical Medicine - (2 Day)
*NEW* Tactical Medicine - (1 Day)
*NEW* Disaster Preparedness
1911 A1 Armorer
Advanced 1911 Reliability
Glock Armorer Course
M16 Armorer Course
N.R.A. Instructor Course – Pistol*
N.R.A. Instructor Course – Rifle*
N.R.A. Instructor Course - Shotgun*

Although the tuition is included for all of the above courses, any course that has an * next to it has an additional equipment fee that is not included with your membership.

2012 Club Members will receive 50% off of SureFire Institute Courses conducted at our facility.

End of the Year 5 Class Discount

Sign up for any 5 classes with a $50.00 deposit for each and receive a 25% discount on each class.*

Class must be taken in 2012 or discount reverts to the 20%. The last day to sign up for the 5 Class Discount is January 31.

***** Specials Excludes: End of the Month Club, Basic Recreational Handgun, California CCW, Utah/Florida CCW, Driving Courses, Advanced Scenarios, Long Range Rifle, Advanced Long Range Rifle, and Off-Site Courses. Range Fees Not Included.

Please call or email Cristen directly to enroll or for more information.

714-701-9918 or cristen@ftatv.com

See you soon!

The FTA Staff!