Last Chance for a 2012 Club Membership!

Happy New Year!!!

I just wanted to remind you that our End of the Year Specials are almost over! We are down to our last available spots for the 2012 Club! So if you are interested now is the time to sign up or you will have to wait until next year.

Year Long Training 2012 Club Membership

Enjoy Unlimited Training Courses Throughout 2012 For $1400*

The last day to enroll is January 14, however it's almost full!!!

Included Courses in the 2012 Club:
General Handgun
Ladies Pistol and Self Defense
Advanced Pistol - Low Light & Night Shooting
Pistol Night Operations
Tactical Handgun
CCW Night Shoot
General Shotgun
Advanced Shotgun
Tactical Shotgun
Shotgun Night Operations
Carbine Night Operations
General Carbine
Advanced Carbine
Live Fire Entry*
Advanced Live Fire Entry*
*NEW* Tactical Pistol/Shotgun/Carbine
Impact Weapons
J. Stafford Executive Personal Defense
J. Stafford Krav Maga
Pistol - Shotgun - Advanced Skills - Night Shoot
*NEW* Mossberg Shotgun Armorer
Remington 870 Armorer
Zombie Attack!!! Pistol / Carbine Night Shoot
Zombie Attack!!! Pistol / Shotgun Night Shoot
General Rifle
*NEW* Advanced Tactical Medicine - (2 Day)
*NEW* Tactical Medicine - (1 Day)
*NEW* Disaster Preparedness
1911 A1 Armorer
Advanced 1911 Reliability
Glock Armorer Course
M16 Armorer Course
N.R.A. Instructor Course – Pistol*
N.R.A. Instructor Course – Rifle*
N.R.A. Instructor Course - Shotgun*

Although the tuition is included for all of the above courses, any course that has an * next to it has an additional equipment fee that is not included with your membership.

2012 Club Members will receive 50% off of SureFire Institute Courses conducted at our facility.

End of the Year 5 Class Discount

Sign up for any 5 classes with a $50.00 deposit for each and receive a 25% discount on each class.*

Class must be taken in 2012 or discount reverts to the 20%. The last day to sign up for the 5 Class Discount is January 31 .

***** Specials Excludes: End of the Month Club, Basic Recreational Handgun, California CCW, Utah/Florida CCW, Driving Courses, Advanced Scenarios, Long Range Rifle, Advanced Long Range Rifle, and Off-Site Courses. Range Fees Not Included.

Please call or email Cristen directly to enroll or for more information.

714-701-9918 or

See you soon!

The FTA Staff!