------------UPCOMING CLASSES------------

Hi Friends!!! We just wanted to take a quick moment to let you know about our upcoming courses. We have a very exciting next couple of weeks and wouldn't want you to miss out on all the action!


Advanced Scenarios - Saturday, September 10th, 10am to 5pm

This one-day course is taught at a private movie studio in San Diego, Ca. This course teaches the student how to work as a team to solve tactical problems, decision-making, and evaluating a student’s ability to effectively apply force during potentially life threatening emergencies. Student will be required to effectively deal in non-lethal force on force situations. The class will cover close quarters battle (CQB), responsibilities of using deadly force, tactics, live fire entry, marking cartridge use, force on force, gunfight simulation, and much more! This is an excellent way of taking the skills you have learned on the range to the next level, and is perfect for CCW holders!! Space is very limited and this course is on a first come first serve basis.


1911 A1 Armorer- Saturday, September 10, 9am-5pm

The 1911 has survived virtually unchanged for 100 years and is still the preferred sidearm for many law enforcement and Special Forces units. It is considered to be an expert’s firearm and takes many years of practice to master. 1911 shooters are almost fanatical in their love for John Browning's classic firearm. However, your 1911 will become offended at your lack of devotion if not properly cared for, cleaned, lubricated and consistently checked for proper function. This is a "hands-on" class where students will be working with their own 1911. The course of instruction will include:
+ Basic operation and function
+ Interaction of parts including safeties and fire control group
+ Proper safety checks of the 1911
+ Disassembly
+ Inspection of parts for excessive wear
+ Extractor tension
+ Maintenance and lubrication
+ Reassembly


M16 / AR15 / M4 Armorer- Sunday, September 11, 9am-5pm

This course covers the M16 family of weapons, the M4, the AR15, and all variants. The course covers design, theory, compatibility, disassembly, assembly, maintenance, and troubleshooting. You will be able to make alterations and change parts to customize your firearm. Most gunsmith’s are not legally allowed to work on the AR15/M16/M4, due to the assault weapons ban and the special licenses required. So if you want to keep your carbine fully operational and in top working order, we highly recommend this course to you. We will have AR15s available for student use during this course if you do not have your own.


General Handgun- Saturday & Sunday, September 24-25, 9am-5pm

The course teaches the student how to effectively and safely utilize a pistol or revolver. This class saturates the student with the fundamentals through repetition to create "muscle memory" or an instinctive response. Upon completion of the course, the student should be proficient with:

+ Safety rules and procedures
+ Handling the gun
+ Marksmanship
+ Fundamentals
+ Drawing from a holster in a tactical and rapid manner
+ Stance
+ Malfunction drills (i.e., instinctively assessing and rapidly correcting problems with the handgun)
+ Loading and unloading
+ Engaging targets at conversational distances
+ Mindset of situational awareness and mental conditioning as applied to handgun use
And don't forget, this course is foundational for every firearms course we offer!!!


Don’t forget, there is a 20% discount for those with a deposit on file and if you don't one, there is a 10% discount if you are paid in full 10 days before the course!!!

Please call 714-701-9918, visit our website at www.ftatv.com, or email cristen@ftatv.com for more information!!