General Carbine

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Recommended Weapons
AR-15, AK-47, M-1 Carbines, H&K 93, 94, Steyer Augs, Winchester Model. 94 lever guns, & similar type weapons.

The course teaches the student to effectively and safely utilize a rifle. Upon completion of the course, the student should be proficient with:

+ Handling the gun
+ Marksmanship
+ Various firing positions and uses for each
+ Sling use and drawing from the slung position
+ Ammunition management
+ Mindset
+ Weapon Retention (i.e. techniques to prevent yourself from being disarmed)
+ Close Quarters Conflict
+ Transition Drills (i.e. switching from a carbine to pistol in tactical situation)

Equipment: (Equipment can be provided, upon request in advance)

+ Carbine with sling
+ Eye and ear protection
+ Knee and elbow pads
+ Two magazines for carbine
+ Pistol and holster
+ Hat
+ 400 rounds carbine ammo (no steel core, armor piercing or SS109/M855 US)
+ 50 rounds handgun ammo

We are also offering a Halloween Night Shoot for this Carbine class. Limited space is available for the Night Shoot so please register in advance if you would like to join us!

(Previous Carbine training required)

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