Zombie Attack!!! Pistol/Carbine Low Light Shoot

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The course works on advanced pistol and carbine skills, barricades, shooting on the move, multiple targets, loading and transition drills, non-traditional response (multiple hits), low light and night operations with force on force, building clearing, and combatives to enhance combat/self-defense situations. The course will include reactive targets and force on force role playing.

If the Zombies come it will be lots of shooting!!!

Equipment needed:

+ 200 Rounds Pistol (Minimum)
+ Handgun
+ 200 Rounds Carbine (Minimum)
+ Eye and ear protection
+ Flashlight
+ Knee and elbow pads
+ Two magazines for carbine (if applicable)
+ Two magazines for handgun (if applicable)
+ Belt, Holster, Mag Pouch
(Handgun, Carbine, & Gear can be provided at no additional cost, upon request in advance)