1911 Armorer

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The 1911 has survived virtually unchanged for 100 years and is still the preferred sidearm for many law enforcement and Special Forces units. It is considered to be an expert’s firearm and takes many years of practice to master. 1911 shooters are almost fanatical in their love for John Browning's classic firearm. However, your 1911 will become offended at your lack of devotion if not properly cared for, cleaned, lubricated and consistently checked for proper function.

This is a "hands-on" class where students will be working with their own 1911.

The course of instruction will include:
+ Basic operation and function
+ Interaction of parts including safeties and fire control group
+ Proper safety checks of the 1911
+ Disassembly
+ Inspection of parts for excessive wear
+ Extractor tension
+ Maintenance and lubrication
+ Reassembly

To enjoy the class and get the most out of it we recommend you bring the following:
+ Your 1911
+ Empty magazine
+ Cleaning supplies
+ New recoil spring (optional)

The following tools or equivalent: (the Brownell's item number is provided for your convenience)
+ Bushing wrench (080-045-300)
+ Brass punch (080-000-024 and, 080-000-025)
+ Bench Block (080-000-493)
+ Hammer (818-600-100)
+ 1911 specific screwdriver (080-000-444)
+ Small tweezers
+ Brownell's Action Lube (083-050-010)

Other useful tools:
+ Extractor tool (080-923-000)
+ Bushing bit (080-434-045)
+ Bushing Staker (080-644-000)

Brownell's has an entire armorer’s tool kit also (080-000-183)

*****We will break for a one hour lunch. You can bring your own food or leave the range and eat somewhere local*****