1911 Operator

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The 1911 has survived virtually unchanged for 100 years and is still the preferred sidearm for many law enforcement and Special Forces units. It is considered to be an expert’s firearm and takes many years of practice to master. 1911 shooters are almost fanatical in their love for John Browning's classic firearm. Understanding the skills and techniques required to operate your 1911 is imperative. Anyone who is serious about 1911 should not miss this course!

This course will be held on the range conducting practical training that pertains to operating a 1911 effectively.  Upon completion of this course, the student should be proficient with:

+ Law enforcement-related skills with the 1911 handgun
+ Weapon retention
+ Close quarters conflict
+ Multiple adversaries
+ Threat assessment
+ Mindset and mental conditioning
+ Shooting on the move+ Ammo management+ Malfunction clearing

+ Your 1911 
+ Holster+ Magazine pouch
+ 4 magazines + Eye and ear protection

+ 400 rounds (minimum) ***$25 DAILY RANGE FEE NOT INCLUDED IN PRICE***