2021 Club Membership - New Single Person Membership

It's here, its finally here! It's officially time for the 2021 Club Sign Ups! There are a limited number of spots available, so act quickly.

This is for NEW MEMBERS only. Existing 2020 Club Members MUST call or email the office.

What is the 2021 Club you ask?  The 2021 Club is the best club in town! Members pay a onetime fee and get to enjoy unlimited classes throughout the year (with just a few exceptions). 
As most of you know, the 2021 Club is first come, first served. The last day to enroll and be paid in full is January 15, however, it will fill up before then, so don’t wait!!!
There are limited memberships available.
Courses Included in the 2021:
1911 Operator
1911-A1 Armorer
Advanced Carbine 
Advanced Carbine & Night Shoot
Advanced CCW Scenarios*
Advanced CCW Tactics - NEW
Advanced Pistol - Low Light & Night Shoot
Advanced Shotgun
AR15/M16 Armorer Course
Carbine Low Light & Night Shoot - NEW
CCW Low Light & Night Shoot*
CCW Scenarios*
General Carbine
General Handgun
General Shotgun
Glock Armorer Course
Introduction to Precision Rifle Target Engagement (General Rifle) - NEW
Ladies Pistol and Self Defense
Live Fire Entry*
Mossberg Shotgun Armorer
N.R.A. Instructor Course - Rifle*
N.R.A. Instructor Course - Shotgun*
N.R.A. Instructor Course – Pistol*
Red Dot Operator & Night Shoot
Remington 870 Armorer
Tactical Handgun
Tactical Pistol & Carbine Operations
Tactical Pistol, Shotgun, Carbine Night Operations - NEW
Tactical Shotgun
Tactical Shotgun Operations
Ultimate Advanced Pistol
Urban Combat Pistol Operations - NEW
Vehicle Counter Assault
Zombie Attack!!! Pistol/Carbine - NEW/BACK
Zombie Attack!!! Pistol/Shotgun - NEW/BACK
Although the tuition is included for all of the above courses, any course that has an (*) next to it has an additional equipment fee that is not included with your membership.
Range fees are not included and are $25.00 per day
Classes not included in the 2021 club:
Basic Firearms Safety Course
BSIS classes (security guard classes)
CCW Certification Courses (Initial & Renewal)
Precision Rifle Target Engagement Fundamentals
Precision Rifle Target Engagement Skill Builder I
Precision Rifle Target Engagement Skill Builder II
Off-site classes
New Courses Added Throughout the Year
Another nice benefit is that you only need to file one Hold Harmless Release for the entire year.  
If you make payments the final payment is due no later than January 15, 2021.
Your membership will be valid from January 1, 2021 through December 31, 2021.