Active Shooter and Counter Terrorism Response Seminar

Surefire Institute and Firearms Training Associates with guest Instructors George Zagurski and Michael Farrow present:

Active Shooter and Counter Terrorism Response Seminar         

A comprehensive look into todays active shooter and terrorism threats that we now face everyday. In the world we live in today we have the unfortunate reality of a terror or active shooter attack. It is no longer a matter of “if” it’s a matter of “when”. Are you prepared for when the fight is brought to you, whether you are at work, school, church or just out on the town? This seminar will help prepare you with the knowledge; preparation and skills need to be ready.

Guest Instructors:

Lt. George Zagurski 

George Zagurski is a 35-year veteran of the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department.  He currently holds the rank of Lieutenant. He has worked assignments in custody, patrol, narcotics, gangs, administration and has been the Department’s expert in civil disobedience and counter-terror force protection over the last five years. He serves as the Department’s specialized civil disobedience coordinator and trainer.

Lieutenant Zagurski holds many certificates and is a community college instructor and provides training for several organizations in several disciplines including firearms, active shooter, counter-terror force protection and other law enforcement subjects.

Incident Response:

George has been involved in virtually every major civil disorder and disaster incident in the Los Angeles area since the year 2000 in the role of a platoon commander.  He participated as a law enforcement observer at several major events including four Republican & Democratic National Conventions, the G-20 in Pittsburgh and recently in Ferguson, Missouri.

Michael Farrow

As Principal Partner and CEO Mike lead’s PIC Alliance LLC in assisting Organizations, private security and government protective efforts overcome the many challenges of establishing protective intelligence concepts and operations. Many of these challenges include the collection of information, early detection of threats, identification of persons of interest, assessment of information and the investigation of suspicious activities related to operational spaces.  With over 35 years of global experience Mike and the PIC Alliance team provide an ideal user prospective to integrated security solutions using protective intelligence concepts.

Mike’s career started with serving the nation as a Pararescueman with the U.S. Air Force. After transitioning from the military, Mike began a 32 year long career with The Boeing Company advancing to a senior level management position focusing on corporate and government security. During his tenure Mike has operated in over 27 countries, supporting protective services, integrated security solutions and situational awareness platforms for local, state, federal, and international government programs. Mike has earned a Master Degree in Strategic Intelligence, as well as, a Master in Management.  He has received multiple awards from local and state governments during his decades of service to law enforcement and first responders.

Course Details:

This course will start in the classroom and then will transition to our range for LIVE FIRE exercises. Please DO NOT bring any firarms or ammuniton into the seminar. We will be doing demonstrations in the classroom and it is imperitive that we maintain a sterile enviroment. Please leave ALL WEAPONS (guns, knives, pepper spray, ammo) in your vehicle. No firearms or ammunition is needed for this course as we are providing everything. 

Equipment Required:
+ Eye protection
+ Ear protection