Advanced 1911 Reliability

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Sorry, this class is no longer offered. Please contact us for more information.

This is a follow up class to the 1911 A1 Armorer course.

"Failure to Feed", "Failure to Eject", "Failure to Extract" are malfunctions that can plague all semi-automatic handguns. This class will focus on the improvements that can be made to a 1911 to minimize these problems. This is a "hands-on" class where students will be working with their own 1911. Students are expected to already be competent at disassembly and assembly of their firearm. The course of instruction will include:

+ Review of basic operation and function
+ Interaction of parts including safeties and fire control group
+ Proper safety checks of the 1911
+ Disassembly
+ Inspection of parts for excessive wear
+ Extractor optimization (tuning surfaces and tension)
+ Extended ejector (fitting and installation)
+ Frame and barrel feed-ramp, proper headspace, chamber depth, barrel-ramp set-back

To enjoy the class and get the most out of it we recommend you bring the following:

+ Your 1911
+ Wilson extractor (965-415-070 or 080 series 70 or 80)
+ Wilson extended ejector (965-034-045)

The following tools or equivalent (the Brownells item number is provided for your convenience)

+ Bushing wrench (080-045-300)
+ Brass punch (080-000-024 and, 080-000-025)
+ Bench Block (080-000-493)
+ Hammer (818-600-100)
+ 1911 specific screwdriver (080-000-444)
+ Small tweezers
+ Brownell’s Action Lube (083-050-010)

Other useful tools
+ Extractor tool (080-923-000)
+ Bushing bit (080-434-045)
+ Bushing Staker (080-644-000)

Brownell's has an entire armorer's tool kit also (080-000-183)
FTA will provide tools for fitting extractors, ejectors and barrel work. We recommend you purchase the following files from MSC Industrial to tune extractors in the future (MSC part numbers 60304565 and 60233020).