ADVANCED Advanced Pistol

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The ADVANCED Advanced Pistol Course is a specialized class based on the 40 Hour Lone Operator Class we conduct for the United States Military Special Operations Personnel. We took the 15 most dynamic drills consisting from ten rounds of fire to 250 rounds. The course will work speed and accuracy while moving and making tactical decisions. Extensive Pistol live fire and marking cartridge discharge under realistic conditions. Drills will involve pistol, carbine, and edged weapons as well as combatives. Fist Suit and shoot house will be used to raise the blood pressure. Drills will include dueling tree, moving heads, sentry drill, assault walk, hallway drill, step outs, mover attack, fighting with barricades, live fire shoot house, and sims house, plus many more. We have man on man drills in low light.

Closing the SFI Las Vegas Facility allowed us to bring back another classroom and target systems tha we have not had access to previously at our Corona Facility. These target systems were used for our military special operations Lone Operator Course. This is a one day sample of Lone Operator.

Once you try our new programs, then you will understand our Lone Operator Course and how Advanced it is with pistol, carbine, foreign weapons, armorer, medical, edged weapons, combatives, low light operations, laser use and man vs man scenarios!

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Equipment Required:

+ Handgun with holster (weapon light recommended)
+ Eye protection (both sun and clear lens)
+ Ear protection (electronic hearing protection recommened)
+ Magazine pouches
+ Minimum (5) magazines
+ Knee pads
+ Flashlight (SureFire Light Recommend)
+ Long sleeve shirt 
+ Bug spray (optional)


600 rounds (minimum)