Advanced Scenarios

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Skill Level: 

This course teaches the student how to work as a team to solve tactical problems, decision-making, and evaluating a student’s ability to effectively apply force during potentially life threatening emergencies. Student will be required to effectively deal in non-lethal force on force situations.

This course will teach:

+ Close quarters battle
+ Responsibilities of using deadly force
+ Tactics
+ Live fire entry and marking cartridge usage
+ Force on force
+ Gunfight simulation
+ Redman force on force

Equipment needed:

+ Clear Eye Protection
+ Holster
+ Belt
+ Shirt with sleeves, jacket for additional protection if desired
+ Change of clothes
+ Hand held flashlight (SureFire light recommended)
+ Thin gloves (optional)

* Marking cartridges are used in an actual gun that has been fitted with a special barrel. When the gun is fired, a plastic projectile filled with colored soap is discharged from the gun and "marks" the target.