Advanced Vehicle Counter Assault

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The average person spends 30% of their time in a vehicle. We will be instructing you on how to use a vehicle as a life saving tool helping you escape a stationary, vulnerable position.

+ Shooting from and escaping the vehicle
+ Dismounting the vehicle
+ Using the vehicle for cover vs. concealment
+ Glass deflection and shooting from inside the vehicle

Equipment: (Equipment can be provided, upon request in advance)

  • Carbine with sling (AR15, AK47, etc.)
  • Handgun
 + Holster
  • Eye and ear protection
 (electronic hearing protection recommended)
  • Magazine or speed loader pouch
  • 2 magazines (if applicable)
  • Belt
  • Shirt with sleeves
  • Hat

  • Ammunition - 200 rounds pistol and 200 rounds carbine [If you prefer to only shoot pistol, please bring 400 rounds]

       *****We will break for a one hour lunch. You can bring your own food or leave the range and eat somewhere local*****