B.S.I.S. California Baton Permit and Chemical Irritant

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This course is sanctioned by the California Bureau of Security and Investigative Services (BSIS) and exceeds the mandatory qualifications for the State Baton Permit.

+ Legal and moral responsibilities of Baton use
+ Criminal & civil liability
+ Use of force
+ Baton familiarization and uses
+ First-aid for baton injuries
+ Fundamentals of Baton handling
+ Arrest & control techniques
+ Mindset of situational awareness
+ Interacting and working with Law Enforcement
+ Instructor is Certified to teach A.S.P, PR-24, Straight, & Expandable Batons
+ Chemical sprays & properties
+ Legal aspects of chemical sprays use
+ Maintaining, storing and disposal
+ Utilizing chemical irritants

Upon completion of this course, and proof of guard card, you will receive your permit at the course. The permit is valid as long as your guard card is valid. The permit does not expire and there is currently no statutes requiring further training.

The course fee includes the BSIS permit fee.