California CCW Concealed Carry Weapon RENEWAL Course

$ 90.00
Skill Level: 

This will satisfy the four hour renewal class described by the penal code. Students need to meet on the range itself to qualify first, we will then give directions from there. You need to be at the range at 8:30AM to qualify with your gun and shooting equipment, then you will join the class already in progress and be done by 1:00PM. However, do to current certificate changes, and counties accepting ulimited number of firearms, occasionally it may take a little longer.

Equipment Needed:

+ Guns to be put on permit (Unlimited amount of guns for Orange County, 6 guns for Riverside County and all others counties are 3 guns)
+ 72 rounds of ammuniton 1st gun, 20 rounds of ammuntion additional guns (Orange County Applicants)
+ 50 rounds of ammunition per gun (All other counties)
+ Eye and ear protection
+ Holster and belt

***If you are qualifing with more then 3 to 5 guns, the course fee is $110***

***If you are qualifing with 6 to 10 guns, the course fee is $130***

Click here to download the Concealed Carry Survival Guide.

**This course is not discountable**