CCW Low Light Shoot

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This class is specifically geared for the individual interested in carrying a concealed handgun.

The course teaches the student to effectively and safely utilize a pistol or revolver from a concealed position.

Class content includes:

+ Basic fundamentals of shooting
+ Drawing a handgun from a concealed location in a tactical and rapid manner
+ Loading and unloading
+ Mindset of situational awareness
+ Malfunction drills
+ Transitioning to a back up gun
+ Engaging multiple targets at varying distances
+ Shooting on the move
+ Shooting in a low light situation

Equipment needed:

+ 300 Round Minimum
+ Handgun
+ Back up gun
+ Eye and ear protection
+ Flashlight
+ Clothing that allows one to draw from concealment

*****We will break for a one hour lunch. You can bring your own food or leave the range and eat somewhere local*****