Church Security Counter Terrorism

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This course is intended for those in church leadership or congregation to be provided with the tools needed to formalize and professionalize ministry security that is already in place, help develop a ministry security team and prepare those not on a security team but still in attendance of the house of worship.

The course will also cover the importance of constructing plan for your security team or for you and your family. Having a plan for you and/or your ministry is important because actions during a crisis will be judged under the assumption that you or your team reacted subjectively. Having a plan allows you or your ministry to counter these assumptions by stating that you or your team DID NOT react subjectively but instead reacted objectively based on a plan, as well as policies and procedures that have been trained to all staff and volunteers involved.

At the completion of this course the student will be proficient in:

+ Security planning for leadership
+ Personal awareness for congregation
+ Behavioral pattern recognition
+ Intruder awareness
+ Verbal & physical conflict management
+ Pro’s vs Con’s for exposed and concealed weapons
+ Tactical application of concealed weapons
+ Active Shooter Response
+ Swarm technique
+ Dealing with armed subjects (knife/gun)
+ Dealing with unarmed passive resisters
+ Dealing with violent assaultive behavior
+ Emergency medical response

Equipment Required:

+ Handgun
+ Concealed Holster or Clothing that allows for concealed carry
+ Magazine or Speed loader Pouch
+ 2 Magazines or Speed loaders
+ Handheld Flashlight (SureFire light recommended)
+ Eye Protection and Ear Protection (Electronic hearing protection recommended)


+ 200 rounds (minimum)