Disaster Preparedness

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Disasters can strike at any time, usually with little or no warning………earthquakes, storms, EMP/CME, social/economic collapse, (Zombie Attack), and many other disasters can place you and your family in harm’s way for days, weeks, even months. You can ensure that your family is prepared by planning ahead.

This is not a wilderness survival course. This course focuses on long term preparedness for you and your family at home or a retreat with the idea that if you are prepared for the long term grid down emergencies that you may face, then the short term emergencies are that much easier to deal with. This course covers simple yet highly effective methods that are based on real world experience and application. This is an information packed course that provides the foundation for the student to establish their own family preparedness plan and long term food storage/rotation plan.

Topics Covered:

Types of disasters
Survival/preparedness mindset
Water storage and treatment
Long term food storage, preparation, and preservation
Grid down hygiene and security
Bug in vs. bug out
Post disaster security
Medical/first aid concerns


+ Lunch is included 
+ Course materials and equipment will be provided by FTA