Pistol Night Operations

Course Category: 
Skill Level: 

This entire course is instructed in low light conditions and incorporates the tactical use of a flashlight and other lighting methods. The night shoot teaches various target identification and sighting techniques under tactical situations of limited visibility. The student reinforces what was learned during the day class instruction and learns additional skills while under the cover of darkness.

Topics Covered:

+ Threat assessment - Mindset and mental conditioning
+ Shooting on the move
+ Flashlight techniques for shooting
+ Ability to recognize targets in low light and darkness
+ House Clearing

Equipment: (Equipment can be provided, upon request in advance)

+ Handgun, magazine, belt & holster
+ Eye and ear protection
+ Magazine or speedloader pouch
+ Flashlight and / or weapon light
+ Minimum of 2 magazines or 1 speedloader per weapon type
+ Hat
+ 200 Rounds of ammunition


The Advanced Pistol Class would be recommended as a prerequisite to this class. Advanced Pistol transitions to night shooting after doing some work in the light. Pistol Night Operations reinforces what was learned in Advanced Pistol.