Precision Rifle Scenarios

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If you have Taken Long Range and Advanced long Range this is the class for you!!

This course will hone the fundamentals that we have taught you during Long Range Rifle and Advanced Long Range Rifle.
Upon completion of the course, you will leave with the ability to estimate distances, shoot from varied distances, work from behind a barricade, shoot moving targets and gauge high angle distances. We will be working on team/time drills. Each student will shoot approximately 150-200 rounds, working up to 800 yards on steel and paper targets.
This class is not limited to caliber or weapon type.
Must have taken Long Range Rifle and Advanced Long Range Rifle or equivelent
100 - 200 - 300 x 660 Yards
+ Rifle with optics
+ Eye and ear protection
+ Long sleeve shirt and Pants (elbow and knee pads optional)

+ Equipment to carry your rifle and gear (Slings/Ruck)

+ Spotting Scope (optional
+ Shooting mat
+ Drinks, snacks & lunch
+ 150-200 Rounds of quality ammunition