Red Dot Pistol Operator/Instructor Course

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This course has been designed with both the operator and instructor in mind. Students will learn about the tactical advantages and disadvantages of using red dot optics, and their application in relation to pistols. This course will cover iron sights in correlation to red dot transitions, close quarter combat, low light tactics, laser techniques, direct and indirect fire as well as live fire entry. Participants will also learn valuable teaching techniques that apply to the use of pistols and their various accessories  


+Pistol with Red Dot Optic

+3 Magazines (minimum)



+Magazine pouches

+Speed Loader

+Ear Protection

+Eye Protection 

+Flash light

+Weapon mounted Light/Laser (optional) 



+500 rounds minimum

*** $25/day Range fee not included in course fee***

****Due to the specific nature of the firearms required for this course, we will not be loaning any equipment.****