Tactical Pistol/Carbine

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Everyone has a pistol for self-defense, but the carbine enhances our survival with accuracy and stopping power.

This class is designed to use your pistol to obtain or fight to a carbine.

We start using pistols in a close quarters conflict and build our skills, speed, accuracy, multiple targets and movement. We will engage with a pistol and transition to a carbine, building the same skillset.  Working malfunctions, using the pistol to support carbine operations and transition skills.

The live fire shoot house simulator for shoot no shoot scenario training and the marking cartridge simulator for decision making and low light operations. This will be a high activity class using barricades and shooting from a moving vehicle.

Topics Covered:
+ Weapon handling and safety
+ Marksmanship fundamentals
+ Bilateral shooting
+ Malfunction drills
+ Cover and concealment
+ Tactical reloading
+ Moving and shooting
+ Low-light techniques
+ Entry and searching
Equipment Required:
+ Duty carbine (weapon-mounted light recommended)
+ Duty pistol and holster
+ 3 magazines minimum for carbine and pistol
+ Eye and ear protection (electronic hearing protection recommended)
+ Handlight, weapon light optional
+ 200 rds. pistol

+ 200 rds. carbine
*****We will break for a one hour lunch. You can bring your own food or leave the range and eat somewhere local*****