Tactical Shotgun Operations

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Let's send off the year with a Bang!

We’ll start by using tactical shotguns in close quarters conflict and build our skills, speed, accuracy and movement, utilizing patrol shotgun techniques.

We will engage multiple targets on the move and transition to pistol when needed. We will be building the student's skillset, working malfunctions, while using the pistol to support shotgun operations. This course is created with the patrol officer in mind, however it is open to civillian students as well. We will also be exploring the red dot sights for shotgun applications, so if you got them, bring them.


Upon completion of this course, the student should be proficient with:

+ Law enforcement related skills with handgun
 and shotgun transitions and tactics

+ Weapon retention

+ Close quarter conflict

+ Edged weapon awareness

+ Multiple adversaries

+ Threat assessment

+ Mindset and mental conditioning

+ Shooting on the move



+ Handgun

+ Tactical Shotgun (sling recommended)

+ Shotgun side saddle or buttcuff (recommended)

+ Field gear

+ Eye and ear protection

+ 2 magazines pistol minimum

+ Tactical flashlight

+ Lunch

**** We have gear for students to borrow upon request



+ 200 rds. pistol

+ 200 rds. shotgun
(150 rds. bird, 25 rds. buck, 25 rds. slug)