CCW California Concealed Carry Weapon Course #2

Bill and Cheryl,

I moved to Idaho about a year and a half ago. It is so nice to be away from the crowds and traffic.

I wanted to say thank you to you and your staff of instructors at FTA. I've taken other courses from a number of other schools, but have to put you and your instructors at the top of the list. I recently renewed my Nevada CCW permit and took a renewal class from a Nevada certified instructor. I had also taken a basic class from the same school a few years ago to satisfy the Nevada requirements. The instructors were okay and the instruction was basic, but it really brought to the forefront how special FTA is and how much more you and your team taught me. I know I've taken a number of your classes, but the difference in quality of instruction, the facility, the competency and personal interest taken by all your staff was marked. We have talked about our time spent with FTA while we were in California and the good times and good lessons learned while there. Please let your staff know that even though we have moved, they still have an impact on our daily lives.

Keep us on your mailing list. We hope to come back for more training sometime.

Thanks so much,