CCW California Concealed Carry Weapon Course #4

I just wanted to thank you for the CCW course you conducted this past weekend in Norco.

Your knowledge, experience and presentation were among the best I have seen, period. I don’t believe many people look forward to spending 11+ hours in a classroom, but your engaging manner and ability to clearly convey the course material made for an interesting and lively session.

You certainly presented me with knowledge I had never seen before, and am grateful for what I have learned with regard to the legal areas of responsibility that I had no previous association with.

The range instructors were top notch also, and helped me correct a few ‘bad habits’ I had picked up over the years. As an avid competitor (as well as gunsmith) – IDPA, Steel Challenge, etc., we tend to devise methods of presentation that are more ‘game’ oriented than ‘ do it this way because it may save your life’.

While it may take a while to unlearn some of the techniques I have used for years, I do understand why your instructors presented them as they did, and the reasoning behind using them.

Please extend my thanks to everyone involved. While we have certification programs available locally – and I compete with some of the instructors, I will do my best to steer my friends to FTA should they desire to improve their firearms skill set.

May God bless you for your service to our community and our country.