CCW California Concealed Carry Weapon Course #5

Dear Mr. Murphy,

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for teaching the "Orange County CCW" class. It was highly informative and entertaining.

Your professionalism, the manner with which you shared you relevant combat experiences, and irreverent humor turned what could have been a monotonous 16-hour training course into an edifying, thought-provoking, and confidence inspiring exercise in safety, law, and basic self-defense/ combat tactics. Where the law is unclear on certain issues, you provided the appropriate objective and subjective insights from the law enforcement personnel's perspective to enable us to properly and simultaneously exercise our privilege of carrying a concealed weapon and to assert our right of self-defense. In essence- and in conjunction with covering the required materials to satisfy the sate-mandated training requirements- you communicated to us what was necessary to minimize any potential conflict, real or perceived, that might occur when we come into contact with law enforcement personnel in the performance of their duties while we are legally armed.

You detailed and ingrained in us the triad of mindset, gun handling, and marksmanship. The motto of "Make me nervous and I'll hurt you; scared me and I'll kill you" is probably the most complex concept that I learned but one that is entirely apropos. The best way, after all, to avoid potentially lethal situations is to avoid confrontation but, once an assailant has chosen to target me, I should act appropriately and decisively to end the attack. I thank you for looking out for our safety- individually, but way of ensuring that we are well qualified and knowledgeable to walk the street fully aware of the benefits and repercussions of the privilege and grave responsibility of carrying concealed weapons and, collectively (along with your brother and sister officers), for keeping the peace.