General Handgun

Dear Bill, Cheryl & Team: I sink into a soft chair, strategically placed under the air conditioner with a cold brew in hand.....!

My head is still hurting from all the new information I gleaned over the weekend that I'm trying to assimilate but that's what "home dry practice" and more hours at the target range are for.... You are a super bunch of professionals who were all fun to be around - it was refreshing to come to a firearms class with instructors with great senses of humor...I came away feeling I've improved in many areas, and now know where and what I need to work on more (keep that thumb on the safety!). Your certificate presentation was an unexpected surprise and wonderful touch - many of us were talking about it before we left. Everyone agreed you are a First Class Outfit. I also loved the crossection of society that showed up for the class. Made friends with some great folks....

I will come early to the end of the month shoot and help set up targets.

You definately will be seeing more of me, Ms. 1911 Gal!

God bless all of you and stay safe,