Surefire Flashlight Aids in Search for Shooter

Just wanted you to know of my most recent use of the Surefire flashlight that I received while taking the Low Light Instructor Course (15-16 November). This past Saturday morning at 0123 hours (20 December), one of my shift members and I departed our base on foot, enroute to Oakdale Avenue (where the Oakdale Mob reigns).

Unfortunately, my partner, a two tour Iraq veteran (British Army Infantry), were walking nearly side by side, down the sidewalk; not the brightest thing to do within the section eight housing of Hunter's Point (San Francisco). When all of a sudden, our attention was drawn to a Dodge Charger that was making it's way towards us, north on Ingalls Avenue, when it began to accelerate rapidly.

This occurred in tandem with an unknown individual dropping three rounds of .45 caliber at us from across the street (at a range of about 30-35 meters); barely missing us. We both broke for cover. He seeking it behind a nearby dumpster, while I moved further to the right, XD-9 in hand. He made radio contact with our dispatch, while I continued to move closer towards the street; briefly stopping behind a large truck, withdrawing my Surefire flashlight from my duty belt.

As I brought the Surefire up to bear, I saw my partner moving across the street towards the point of origin of the shots. I quickly followed, sweeping the dimly lit area with the powerful beam. Completely back-lit by the street lights, we moved, using the FBI modified grip to seek out the shooter.

Units from SFPD arrived within 90 seconds, as did our mobile patrol unit. Two shell casings were found, but no other evidence. One of our guys saw the shooter cross Oakdale Avenue into the projects, but did not pursue him into this extremely dark area. He didn't have a Surefire flashlight, and may have considered it if he had.

Having the Surefire flashlight allowed me to cross the street towards an armed combatant (who, unknown to me at the time, fled immediately after firing his third shot) with confidence and no hesitation.

I employ this flashlight often during my shift, using it to illuminate the many dark areas along the streets, and hills covered in vegetation. It is a superior product to the flashlights used by the other officers patrolling with me.

Once again, the training provided by you and your staff at FTA was excellent, and most helpful in raising my confidence level in using my weapon in low light (though I have yet to fire under these conditions).

Since completing the Surefire Trainer/Instructor course, I have made a point of walking Oakdale Avenue, despite the extremely low light available, well aware of my limitations to engage the opposition under these conditions. The gang members make no (or limited)comments while I do this (in contrast to the vile comments that would be made during the day).

They most likely sense that I have no qualms about doing this. The training at FTA, and most importantly, the Surefire flashlight, allows me to do this with hardly any anxiety about the potential violence that could ensue at such close range (and the fact that I am outnumbered by, as many as 6-12 gang members).

I look forward to my next training session at FTA.