Advanced CCW Tactics

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This course is designed to reinforce carry tactics and will push the student perform from concealment with all kit will be required to be concealed. Back up firearms are recommended for this course, but are not necessary. We will be utilizing handheld flashlights as a force multiplier to identify targets and deliver force as required. The student will be working CQB in our live fire shoothouse, lowlight tactics in our sims house, addressing moving targets, and work in and around the vehicle from concealment.

Upon completion of the course, the student should be proficient with:
+ Handling the Gun
+ Working from Concealment
+ Ammunition management
+ Mindset and Situational Awareness
+ Weapon Retention (techniques on how to keep your weapon from being taken away by an attacker)
+ Close Quarters Conflict

+ 400 rounds of ammunition
+ Back up weapon w/50 rounds of ammunition (optional)
+ Handheld flashlight
+ Weapon mounted light (optional)
+ Eye Protection, Ear Protection
+ Concealed holster, magpouches, jacket or clothing