AK-47 Operator Course

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The basic to advanced AK-47 rifle & carbine operators course is designed to teach the student to be well rounded at the highest level with operating the AK-47 or AK series rifles. SFI can provide the weapons and can provide the ammunition at an additional cost. The student is welcome to bring along his or her own weapon systems. You will be using some of our weapons, different models, different configurations.

The course is 2 days of training, which will go into the evening if necessary. There will be a good mixture of lecture, practical dry fire, live fire shooting. This training can be added to any of the other training courses we provide, either in front or at the end.

  • Introduction to the AK-47 rifle, carbine & pistol
  • Operating functions of the rifle
  • How the AK-47 rifle operates (system)
  • The different variations of the AK-47 rifle & carbine
  • In depth working knowledge (disassembly & reassembly)
  • Understanding the trajectory of 7.62 ammunition
  • Basics of shooting a rifle & carbine (grip, stance, shooting mechanics)
  • Weapons handling, different shooting positions
  • How to use the iron sights & electronic optics
  • Different rifle carrying options, slings
  • Basic shooting techniques (different positions & different directions)
  • Reloading & stoppages (basic and under stress)
  • Advanced shooting, multiple threats & different directions
  • Shooting while moving & using available cover
  • Magazine changes & stoppages on the move, under stress
  • In depth cleaning & maintenance


Equipment Required: 

  • AK-47 weapon system
  • Sling
  • Eye and ear protection
  • 2 magazines (minimum)
  • Gloves (recommended)
  • 400rnds ammo (minimum)