CCW Nevada Concealed Carry Weapon Course

This class meets the standards under Nevada State Law regarding Concealed Carry Weapons requirements. This course will teach students the laws under Nevada statutes related to Concealed Carry through both classroom lecture and range qualification. Class is held at Surefire Institute Las Vegas.

Subject matter is presented in a no-nonsense, straightforward approach that is both interactive and interesting.


+ Eye and ear protection
+ Holster
+ Belt
+ Pants or shorts with usable pockets
+ Ammunition carrying pouch or Magazine holders
+ 2 magazines or 1 speedloader per weapon type
+ Handgun (semiautomatic or revolver)  (semi automatic handguns to borrow available upon request)
+ 50 rounds of ammunition
+ Hat, sunscreen
+ Packed lunch and snacks and hydration (water will be available)

Cost: $50 (plus range fee's)

To sign up for this course, please go here: