Urban Battle Rifle

Course Category: 
Skill Level: 

This course is designed for the individual looking to take their skills with the traditional battle rifle to the next level.

Upon completion of the course, the student should be proficient with:

+ Handling the Gun
+ Marksmanship
+ Various firing positions and uses for each
+ Sling use, drawing from the slung position
+ Ammunition management
+ Mindset
+ Weapon Retention (techniques on how to keep your weapon from being taken away by an attacker)
+ Close Quarters Conflict
+ Transition Drills (switching from the use of the rifle to a pistol in tactical situation)
+ House Clearing Techniques

Equipment: (Equipment can be provided upon request in advance at no additional cost)

+ Rifle with sling
+ Eye and ear protection
+ Knee and elbow pads
+ Two magazines for rifle (if applicable)
+ Pistol and holster
+ Hat


+ 300 rounds rifle ammo (no steel core, armor piercing or SS109/M855 US)
+ 50 rounds pistol ammo for transition drills

Recommended Weapons
M1 Garand, M1 Carbine, M1A, Springfield 1903A3, Enfield, Mosin Nagant, M48 Mauser, K98 Mauser and similar type weapons.