Tactical Handgun

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Emphasizing Law Enforcement Tactics

This course may not be avaiable to all students. Please call first.

Upon completion of this course, the student should be proficient with:

+ Law enforcement-related skills with handgun
+ Weapon retention
+ Close quarters conflict
+ Edged weapon awareness
+ Multiple adversaries
+ Threat assessment
+ Mindset and mental conditioning
+ Shooting on the move


+ Handgun
+ Field gear
+ Eye and ear protection
+ 2 magazines or one speed loader


+ 400 rounds (minimum)

An additional night operations course is offered. The entire class is instructed in low light conditions and incorporates the tactical use of a flashlight and other lighting methods. The night shoot teaches various target identification and sighting techniques under tactical situations of limited visibility. The student reinforces what was learned during the day class instruction and learns additional skills while under the cover of darkness.