AR 15 Armorer Course

Course Category: 

This course covers the M16 family of weapons, the M4, the AR15, and all variants. Upon completion of this course, you will be able to make alterations and change parts to customize your firearm. Most gunsmith’s are not legally allowed to work on the AR15/M16/M4, due to the assault weapons ban and the special licenses required. So if you want to keep your carbine fully operational and in top working order, we highly recommend this course to you. 

Topics Covered: 
+ Basic operation and function
+ Design
+ Interaction of parts including safeties and fire control group
+ Proper safety checks
+ Assembly & Disassembly
+ Inspection of parts for excessive wear
+ Extractor tension
+ Maintenance and lubrication
+ Reassembly
+ Modification / Customization
+ Compatibility
+ Troubleshooting
+ Theory

+ M16/AR15/M4/Variant
+ Empty magazine
+ Cleaning kit / supplies
+ Tools (only if you already own them)
+ Sack Lunch (optional)

*****We will break for a one hour lunch. You can bring your own food or leave the range and eat somewhere local*****