Basic Recreational Handgun Safety

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Are you new to firearms and looking for introductory, professional training? Then this is the class for you.

This course consists of six and a half hours of handgun training. It will cover the safe use of firearms, gun handling, range conduct, firing, legal aspects, and home safety. The training will benefit the new firearms owner as well as the person interested in renewing his/her skills in recreational shooting and home safety.

Training is conducted by recognized firearms instructors with Law Enforcement and public firearms training backgrounds. The training is given in a friendly, relaxed atmosphere.

Equipment needed:

+ Handgun (or borrow ours at no additional costs)
+ Eye and ear protection
+ Sensible footwear (you will be walking in gravel)
+ Hat w/ brim (baseball style) recommended
+ 100 rounds ammunition (if borrowing our handgun, you will need either .38 special, 9mm luger (ball), or .22lr ammo)
+ Hot lunch will be provided

All of the equipment needed for the class is available to borrow for the day. 

You can also purchase ammo from us on the day of your course. We have ammo available for purchase at the range for use in the course.

**This course is not discountable**