General Handgun - 2 Day Course

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Are you looking to take your recreational pistol skills to the next level? If so, our General Handgun course is perfect for you. The course teaches the student how to effectively and safely utilize a pistol or revolver. This class saturates the student with the fundamentals through repetition to create "muscle memory" or an instinctive response.

Class Content Includes:

  • Safety rules and procedures
  • Handling the gun

  • Marksmanship

  • Fundamentals

  • Drawing from a holster in a tactical and rapid manner
  • Stance

  • Malfunction drills (i.e., instinctively assessing and rapidly correcting problems with the handgun)

  • Loading and unloading

  • Engaging targets at conversational distances
  • Mindset of situational awareness and mental conditioning as applied to handgun use

Equipment: (Equipment can be provided, upon request in advance)

  • Eye and ear protection
 (electronic hearing protection recommended)
  • Handgun
(We have 9mm, .38s&w, and .22LR handguns for students to borrow at no charge)
  • Holster (Outside the waistband recommended due to repetitious training)
  • Magazine or speed loader pouch
  • 2 magazines or 1 speed loader

  • Belt
  • Shirt with sleeves
  • Hat

  • Ammunition - 300 rounds (minimum) (If borrowing a firearm from you will need 9mm, .38S&W, or .22LR)

       *****We will break for a one hour lunch. You can bring your own food or leave the range and eat somewhere local*****