NITEOPS Lone Operator - 40 Hour / 4 Day

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Skill Level: 

This is an advanced level course designed for the operator that has limited resources. Utilizing over 20 years experience in training individuals in concealed carry techniques and tactics, we have developed a course that is not available anywhere else.

This course provides the training necessary to work alone in a closed quarter environment. In addition to Live Fire, several force-on-force scenarios will be run with the use of marking dye cartridges. 

At the completion of this course, the student will be proficient with the following:

+ Advanced Pistol Operations
+ Low-Light Pistol Operations
+ Pistol Tactics, Building Searching and Clearing
+ Edged Weapon Operations
+ Combatives and Weapon Retention
+ Hemorrhage Control and Field Medical Care

Equipment Required:
+ Concealable Handgun
+ Concealed Style Holster
+ Magazine Pouch
+ Eye and ear protection
+ Handheld Tactical Flashlight
+ Clothing that allows one to draw from concealment

+ 1500 rounds pistol (minimum)