NITEOPS Low Light Instructor Level 2 - 4 Day Course

Skill Level: 

Level 2 - 40 Hours

Expanding on the fundamentals of our two day Low- Light Instructor/operator course, participants benefit from the lessons learned during thousands of force-on-force training engagements, as well as feedback from professionals who have successfully prevailed in lethal force engagements. The course includes the stressful realism of force-on-force exercises and the skill-honing benefits of live-fire range work to produce a crucial grasp of low-light tactical action fundamentals.

This is not a basic course. Students should be very familiar with operation and handling of their weapons. The Low Light Level 1 is not a required prerequisite.

Each student will receive their own tactical flashlight (to keep).

Topics Covered:
+ Search techniques
+ Weapons handling
+ Correct use of lighting tools
+ Equipment selection
+ Decision-making
+ Functioning under duress
+ Use of force
+ Effective use of partners

Equipment: (Equipment can be provided, upon request in advance)

+ Groin protection
+ Gloves
+ Long-sleeved sweat suit, flight suit, or jump suit

+ Duty handgun and rig and 400 rounds
+ 300 round long gun (Shotgun or carbine) (Shotgun ammo: 200 rounds buckshot or bird and 100 rounds of slug)
+ 200 rounds of non-lethal marking cartridge and conversion kit for duty handgun (Pistols with conversion kits and non-lethal marking ammunition may be provided upon request). [$100 charge]
+ Clear eye and ear protection
+ Body armor if available
+ Flash bangs or simulators (5) (optional)
+ Flashlight will be provided