Shotgun Home Defense

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Feel Safe In Your Home

This course is an introduction to how to effectively and safely operate a shotgun for home defense. The goal of this course is for you to become safe and secure with your firearm. We will start in the classroom and cover the physical aspects of the weapon system, ammunition choices, home defense theory and application, and range fundamentals. After the lecture portion of the course is completed, we transition to the range for practical application of the skills taught in the classroom. You will learn loading, manual unloading, and force application on targets. This is a course for people who are new shotguns or considering buying one. This course is designed for the shotgun beginner and feeds into the General Shotgun 1 day course. 


+ Eye and ear protection (Sunglasses work great & we have the muff style ear protection for you to borrow)
+ Shotgun (If you don't have one, just let us know and we will bring one for you free of charge). + 25 rounds birdshot (12 gauge if borrowing our shotgun)

+ Hat with brim (baseball style) recommended

**This course is not discountable**