The Concealed Carry Survival Guide - PDF Download


This is the complete book on concealed carry for guns. Written by Bill Murphy, a highly respected authority on concealed gun carry and tactics, this book will provide instruction in the selection of the gun, ammunition, techniques, use of deadly force, shooting on the move, low light tactics, gun fighting, and after action.

Bill Murphy is a Police Officer for 26 years and SWAT Team Member with the Huntington Beach Police Department in California. Bill is a Senior Range Master with Gunsite Academy in Arizona, and a Senior Low Light Firearms Instructor and factory representative with SureFire, LLC. He is also a Firearms instructor with the U.S. Air Force's Para Rescue Advanced Weapons Training Center. 

Bill is also a graduate of the FBI's Firearms Instructor Course. Since 1997, Bill has been the principle owner and operator of Firearms Training Associates in Norco, California, a facility dedicated to the instruction of police, military and civilians in the use of all types of firearms, firearms tactics, firearms safety and self defense.

He is a California certified P.O.S.T. (Police Officer Standards & Training) instructor. Bill is also a approved concealed carry Firearms Instructor for the California Counties of Orange, Riverside, San Diego, and Ventura, as well as, for the states of Arizona, Florida, and Utah. No other book can reveal the wealth of knowledge and experience. This book is a must for the beginner CCW to the experienced user.

Bill Murphy (Author)

Eric Magness (Author)

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